We are an innovative company that believes in automation, in technology but also in the great traditions of craftsmanship.

Because we cannot look to the future forgetting what those before us have done to give us the exceptional tools we can now use to automate production processes. We specialise in the production of machinery for all types of processing in all areas of production and we carry out customised projects for our customers.

If you have an idea, we make it happen.

Machinery Automation is the result of the merger of three partners who have over 20 years' experience in industrial automation in various sectors, including iron & steel, packaging, food & beverage, metal deco, digital painting, fashion & luxury... 

We propose ourselves as suppliers of:

    - Robotics

    - Vision with artificial intelligence 

    - Laser marking

    - Digital printing

    - Design and manufacture of non-standard automated lines

The advantages offered by Machinery Automation are many. We are able to build complex 360° automated plants ranging from mechanics to robotics and artificial intelligence using the latest technologies available on the market. 

All projects, software and the construction of the systems are carried out by our staff at our factory in Legnano.  We are distributors and system integrators of the most important brands worldwide, including:

    - Robots, COMAU®

    - Vision systems, marking lasers, KEYENCE®

    - Plc, motor & drive SIEMENS®

    - Drives, NIDEC®

    - Motors, MINIMOTOR®

    - Pneumatics, SMC®

    - inkjet printing bars, XAAR®

Our in-house R&D department dedicated to electronics and mechanics allows us to design, draft and prototype, test and QC all in our own facility in Italy. 

What else do we believe in? In the relationship with our customers from all over the world, from Japan to Latin America. In friendliness and simplicity. In a smile and a handshake. And in a concept: "to have things you've never had, you'll have to do things you've never done."